Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brownie BItes with Rolos

I  have to say I was disappointed in these.  ROLOS are my favorite candy so when I see anything with rolos in it, I am so excited to try it.  I pinned these without looking at the directions but I wondered how she got her brownies so perfectly square, I found out when I finally read the directions that she has a brownie bite pan.  First, I have never even seen such a pan and second I hate having to have something special to make something.  So I made my pan of brownies and I stuck a rolo in about what I thought every square would be.   Once I cooked them and tasted them, they were good but the rolos had almost had parts of them that got really hard and chewy and was not the best texture to try and eat.  I really wish these would have turned out better, don't they look like they are so, so good?


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