Monday, April 29, 2013

Maple and Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin

Let me just start with explaining my theory to you.  If it is better than what I am already doing than I will switch over, if it taste good enough to add to my recipes and to make again, then I will make it again that being said if it does not work better or taste good enough I will not add it to my existing lifestyle.  That being said it does not mean that some things do not taste good or that some things do not work it just means that it is not better than what I am already doing so it is not worth switching over.  Let me say that I do love the Six Sisters and make stuff of theirs all of the time and it almost always turns out great.  That is not to say that this pork was not good, it tasted good and we all ate it but it was not good enough for me to say "I have to make that again and again."  I will not be making this again or adding it to my recipe list.  Did it taste ok, yes, did it taste great, no!! It was lacking in taste and needed much more sauce.  It turned out kind of dry and chewy and needed something to help it in that area.  It takes all day to make in the crock pot and for all of that time you want it to taste great, like when I make Cafe Rio Pork, but it was just lacking in so many areas.


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