Friday, August 2, 2013

Covering your Card Table

I have to apologize that it has been a whole month since I last posted a test.  This summer has been super crazy and I have hardly had time to  breathe. None the less I am testing new tests this weekend and next week and I will continue testing so there should no longer be such a long break on the blog.  Thank you to all of you who have continued to follow the blog, I have been so surprised and so happy at the success of the blog and I hope that it keeps growing and continues to be a help to everyone out there.  With that being said here is a new test....

I love my card table, maybe a little too much, I use it for all of my crafting needs and it has hot glue and paint and stains all over it so I was so excited to see this new pin to cover your card table.  I actually got the idea to cover it from seeing a pin to cover your folding chairs and I thought if I can do the chairs then I can do the table and then low and behold I found this pin.  It was really easy to cover the table.  I could not find a vinyl table cloth that I loved so I just bought fabric and the plastic you can buy in yards at the fabric store(i got mine at hobby lobby).   You just unscrew that table top, staple the new fabric or table cloth to the top and then screw it back in, thats it!! Easy, peasy!! The only thing I suggest is that you make sure the staples are smaller and that you staple far enough in that when you screw it back on it does not hit the table.  I ran into a small problem of my staples being too long and coming out the other side and I also stapled them in too close to the edge so it was a lot harder to put my top back on but with a hammer and some muscle I got it done and I LOVE IT and everyone who sees it loves it.  Thank you to the genius people, once again, on Pinterest.  So for my top five, it was easy and it is effective.  I love it because I can just wipe it down so easy now.  It did not take me that long, maybe a half hour and I only spent about six dollars to do it and it is very practical for anyone to do.


The original pin can be found here:

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