Friday, October 4, 2013

Shelves in the Bathroom

We rent our house so there is not a ton we can do to change the look of things, nothing can be permanent, so I have to get pretty creative.  I loved seeing this shelf idea because in both of our bathrooms we had the ugliest, standard cupboard above our toilet and I hated them.  Every time I looked at them I wanted something different, so when I saw this pin I was inspired to do something similar.  For our first bathroom I found the chevron contact paper for 4 dollars at our local NPS store and already had the frames, they were green, so I spray painted them white.  The contact paper comes right of without a mess and the frames are just hung with thumbtacks.  For our master bath, I used vinyl and cut out red stripes, then I found the shelves I used at Ikea for 1.99, so I bought three of those and put them up.  I like it so much better, it makes such a big difference and does not drive me crazy anymore.


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