Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to keep a windshield crack from Spreading

This is a hard pin to know if it really works or not.  I think the type of crack,  how long the crack has been there and where the crack is all make a difference in if it really works or not.  But the pin just states that you can fix any crack with nail polish and with that statement I have to say that no, this pin does not work.  I live in Utah, where they put a lot of sand and gravel on the road, mix that with big semis and you get a lot of cracks on your windshield.  I am already on my second windshield in 4 years, that is how often you get chips in your windshield and if you do not fix them, they turn into big huge cracks in your windshield.  I had a chip that I wanted to seal off on my own so I tried this pin and let me tell you, I now have a crack that runs the length of my windshield from that small chip.  So I have to say this pin does not work at all, it has all the hallmarks of one that would work, it is cheap, it is easy and takes hardly any time at all but it just does not work.   It is best to leave it to the pros and let them fix it for you.  Most insurance plans cover them, anyway and it only takes a minute for them to fill the chip in. 


You can find the original pin here:

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