Monday, January 7, 2013

Jello Worms

You have seen these all over Pinterest, these jello worms that look just like real worms but you can eat them.  A great treat for a spooky, halloween party.  I have to say this test did work but I had to try it three times before I got it to work just right.  You really have to have those straws really tight together and leave no extra space in the jar because that will just fill up with jello.  Also, when it says to use warm water to get the worms out of the straws be very careful because to much warm water makes them melt. This is very time consuming and will take you quite awhile to get all of those worms out of their straws. Once they were out I could not eat them, they look to much like real worms but my kids thought they were great so they tried them and they loved them.  So they pass on taste as well.  I will never make them again just because it took so many tries and it was very time consuming but if you are feeling really ambitious I say go for it. 


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