Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY Foaming Soap

I am so happy that this WORKED!!! What a great way to get your soap to last FOREVER!  The best is you can use any soap it does not have to be the Johnson's like it shows in the picture.  You can buy an economy size bottle of soap for about 7 dollars and I think it would last for so long.  You only need about 1 inch in the bottom of the bottle and the rest is water.  I bought my foaming soap bottle at Walmart for 1.50 and then just used this method to refill it.  You can also cover the bottle with scrapbook paper to make it look more attractive if you wanted too.  Fast, Easy and Cheap!!!


DIRECTIONS- Get a foaming soap bottle, fill up the bottom with about 1" of soap and then fill the rest with water, shake and then use.  THAT'S IT!!!

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