Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunburn Remedy

If you can believe it I just got sunburned like this poor person and the whole time I kept thinking, "Oh well, at least I can test that pin now." We spent the afternoon in the pool and in the hot sun and my back and shoulders got so fried. I instantly tried out this remedy and although in the picture, her burn is gone the next day, mine has stayed with me for a week now.  And yesterday I woke up to blisters all over my back so I have to say that this remedy definitely did not work.  I was just as burned the next day and it did not keep it from peeling or blistering, like it says. In this remedy you use earl grey tea bags that have been seeped and then rub it on your burn.  I guess it may depend on how burned you are but I definitely was at least as burned as this person and probably almost the same.  I will save you from a picture of my nasty burn.


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  1. No what you need to use is black tea make it very very strong. Then let it chill. When putting it on burn. Use a cotton ball or in my case a spray bottle. It took the sting away like magic, never rub. Once the burn is gone put vinegar on the tan to make it last longer. The tannic acid is what does the trick.