Friday, March 1, 2013

Sugar Cookies Comparable to Lofthouse Cookies

For me saying that your cookie is comparable to a Lofthouse cookie is a huge claim and one that would be hard to fulfill since Lofthouse cookies are so dang good.  But when I went to this blog it is actually pinners that make that claim not the lady who made the cookies.  She does say that they are as soft as Lofthouse cookies but does not claim that they are better than Lofthouse cookies.  I have to agree with her, these were very, very soft but I was not a huge fan of the taste.  I think I did not like the taste of the white cake mix but when I gave these to others they loved them and thought they were really good.  So I have mixed feelings on them.  They were good cookies no matter what the claim was but, to me, they do not compare to the taste of Lofthouse cookies.  Oh, and they were super fast and easy to put together.  These are good for when you need a fast, easy and yummy sugar cookie put together.


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