Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reinforcers for French Nails

This did not work at all, my nails do not look anything like the ones in the picture above.  Mine ended up sloppy and crooked.  They did not turn out perfect like the picture and it was difficult to try to accomplish as well. 


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  1. I've noticed when it comes to using stickers with nailpolish, you really have to be careful with two things:
    1) Peel whatever it is (reinforcer, Scotch tape, a "manicure guide", etc) off BEFORE the paint dries. It'll start half-peeling and look like the polish is bleeding and other wise just come out terrible if you let it dry at all. Nailpolish is thick enough, so unless you're globbing it on it shouldn't run and ruin the design.

    2) If using more than 1 color, make sure the polish under the sticker is 110% dry before you put it on, otherwise you're going to peel polish off (duh). Ditto for sticking it on too hard.

    I tried to do a design using tape the other day, and 9 of my nails turned out terrible. On the last one, I figured the those two things out and it turned out great.