Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hello everyone, I am almost at 50,000 page views and to get there I need a little help so I am sponsoring a giveaway.  I am going to giveaway a basket of my favorite things to use around the house.  Cleaning supplies, craft supplies, beauty supplies, around the house supplies and so much more. This will be a huge basket and something you will absolutely love, I promise I will not disappoint you.

To Enter
1. Like Pintology on Facebook and then leave me a message on the blog saying you did so
2. Have FIVE friends like Pintology on Facebook and then leave me a message with the names of those five friends.
3. Follow me on Pinterest and leave me a message saying you did so.

Good luck, this will run through Oct 31 and then I will announce a winner.


  1. I am now following you on pinterest.

  2. Ok. My five friends that "liked" you are Jocelynn Rapp, Pamela Britt, Lezlie Tiarks, Tracey Knisely, and Deborah Booth. Honestly, I hope you get a boatload of new followers. I think your blog is the best idea for a blog I've seen in a very long time and I love reading your entries.

  3. I have "liked" you for a while now. ;)

  4. I have been following you on Pinterest for quite a while, too.

  5. I am following you on facebook!