Friday, July 13, 2012

Baking Soda Cleaner from Martha Stewart

So I tried this much talked about baking soda cleaner from Martha Stewart.  I took pictures of my faucet even though it is meant for the tub just so you could see the streaks and grit it left all over it.  I did not like this cleaner, it was a lot more gritty than comet and left baking soda all over the place.  It made streaks all over everything and I had to clean it several times before it finally came off and even today, a day later, it stills has streaks in it.  I have to say that a lot of these cleaners I have tried or will try, with home ingredients, were great back in the olden days when these were the only supplies they could choose from but even then they wished for something better, something that would clean faster and do a better job.  Now a days we have the technology to make these amazing cleaners that are also green and do not cost a fortune that we do not need to go back to all of these old remedies.  I agree that sometimes you will come along one that you just cannot be beat but I have yet to stumble upon that one but when I do I will be sure to pass it along. 


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