Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Painted Jars

I do not like the colors I choose as much as the ones from Pinterest but these really are cute.  They take a little time, patience and quite a bit of paint but they turn out so cute.  I can see so many possibilities with these.  You could put flowers in them, paint them for holidays and put decorations in them, you can give them as gifts, you could use them to store thing and so much more.  They are so cute and such a great idea.

Original pin can be found here:

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  1. Hi! I found you on Pinterest :) I love your blog. I'm doing something similar but with crafts and for 30 Days and one of the projects I did was a painted jar. I needed a tip jar for my massage practice. Check out my post please to see my jar (and my other projects :) I will be bookmarking your blog so that i can keep checking back :))