Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making your own Glue Dots

I use ALOT of Glue Dots and I LOVE them, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this option to make them on your own.  First, it was really hard to find the glue.  You can find Alene's almost everywhere but not this type of Alene's.  I think I went to 3 stores before I finally found it at Joanne's.  I followed the instructions and then let them dry,  The nice thing about glue dots is that they are not sticky to your hands or the papers they come on.  They are really easy to remove and really easy to use.  These glue dots are extremely sticky and really, really hard to get off of the paper.  Once you get it off of the paper half of the dot is gone.  They are a lot thicker than some glue dots so that makes some projects a lot harder.  In the long run it may be a little cheaper because the bottle makes a lot and lasts a long time but you can get glue dots on sale for pretty cheap and by the time you get the ones off of the paper that actually work and work for the right project, you are probably pretty even in cost.  Overall, I have a bottle of Alene's glue that I will not use for glue dots again.


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  1. I tried this too and the glue dots turned out terribly. They wouldn't come off of the acrylic sheet so I had to throw that away too. I felt tricked. lol. :)