Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baking Soda Oven Cleaner

I am sorry but I absolutely hate this one.  Does it remove the burnt food and stuff in your oven?  Sure if it isn't burnt onto the oven.  Does it leave it as nice and shiny as this oven? Definitely NOT.  You put this cleaner in and let it sit and then go back and wipe it down.  I have been cleaning white baking soda streaks out of the oven for the last three months and every time I get rid of one another pops up.  The reason a lot of oven cleaners work well is because you heat up the oven which helps remove the burnt food.  With this cleaner I could not get all of the burnt food off of the oven.  And did I mention that I am still cleaning baking soda out of my oven and I am sure I will be for a long time.  No matter how many times I wiped it down they still kept coming back.  I think I will stick to the self cleaning or the cleaners that you can buy for now.


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