Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Mod Podge

 I use a lot of mod podge around here and I have always heard of making your own but for whatever reason, I just have not done it.  Once I made it I cannot believe I waited this long and I have been paying upwards of 7 dollars for these bottles.  Seriously, this was SOOOO easy and fast and it works great, anyone could do this.  I think I put a little too much water in mine but it still works.  I paid .37 cents for this mod podge because I already had the bottle and bought the cheap glue at Walmart.  My only warning is to make sure you are careful with how much water you add in.  This is one of my new favorites!

*****- Effectiveness
*****- ease
*****- time
*****- cost
*****- practical 
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  1. Just found your blog and love it. I must admit this is one of my favorite pin finds! Also, if you like to crackle stuff use Elmers Glue instead of crackle. SO MUCH CHEAPER!! And it works even better!