Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Strike anywhere matches and sandpaper

 This is a cute, little idea but is it very practical?  I mean really is it that much harder to carry a box of matches around, not really, it is just cuter in a little box.  I found my own little box and strike anywhere matches, I put the sandpaper on top and these matches proved to not be strike anywhere.  I could not get them to strike on the sandpaper.  This pin seemed to fail in every way for me.  The only benefit I can see is that the little plastic box would keep the matches dry but not any better than a plastic bag.  Taking the time to make a special box for something that did not seem to work just isn't worth the time. If you are worried about them getting wet stick the box in a plastic bag or since they are strike anywhere throw them in a plastic tupperware.  After all if they are strike anywhere you really do not need the sandpaper.

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