Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lemon and Honey as Facial Mask for Blackheads

 I have these two blackheads on the side of my nose that I cannot seem to get rid of, they drive me crazy.  I have tried just about everything, so I was excited when I saw another option I could try and with stuff from the house.  So I followed the directions and rubbed the lemon and honey on my face with high hopes that I could get rid of these blackheads.  Although the trick did not get rid of them it did seem to brighten my face and make the blackheads smaller.  As the week has gone on my face has kept its shine from the mask and I think I will definitely be trying this again.  It was easy to put together, cheap and did not take that much time at all.  I won't count on it to get rid of the blackheads but I will use it to brighten my skin.
****- ease
***- effectiveness
*****- cost
*****- time

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