Monday, July 16, 2012

Dryer Sheets on Baseboards

I have to tell you, although I am a little obsessive about cleaning, I absolutely HATE dusting.  It is the thorn in my side, I hate doing it.  If there was something that truly made it easier, then I am all for it, 100%. So the kids and I set out to clean the baseboards and then I rubbed them all down with the dryer sheets.  I was so excited I even started rubbing all of the furniture with them as well, hoping that it would work on that also.  I was so sad and disappointed, it did not work.  The dust came back just as fast and just as much, not only on the baseboard, but on the furniture as well.  :( :( What a huge disappointment for me, I guess I will keep searching for the one that will finally get rid of my dust.

*- ease

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