Monday, July 2, 2012

Vanilla in the Oven

So I found this Pin on Pinterest the other day and thought,how easy, I need to try that.  So I did what it said, you put vanilla in a mug, set the oven to 300 and leave it in for an hour.  I have to give this a PINS down, not only did it not make anything but my kitchen smell good, the smell was very subtle and it made my house hot(not a good thing in 100 degree weather).  I have to say this would probably be good in a pinch but with the huge selection of candle warmers and scents out there, it would be much cheaper to go with that or simply just a candle.  Vanilla is expensive and will only last you that one time.  Whereas a candle will last forever and candle warmer scents last several times.

*- cost
*- effectiveness
**-time spent

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