Friday, July 27, 2012

Foil as a Dish Scrubber

This is such a good idea and such a savings from those SOS pads.  Although you will still want to have an SOS pad or some other source for your cookie pans, this did not work on those.  BUT this did do an amazing job on my glass, casserole dish.  I had made lasagna for dinner and it always leaves a mess behind.  The best part about this was that my recipe calls for it to be covered by foil while cooking so I was able to use the same foil to clean the dish. You do not need a lot of foil to have this work, just a decent sized ball.  I was so amazed at how easy the foil made it to clean my dish and how fast it cleaned it without a lot of hard scrubbing.  Easy, cheap and fast, some of my favorites!!

                                                all of the cooked on food- GONE!!

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