Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Securing Wrapper Paper with Toilet Paper Tubes

 As you can see I have a lot of wrapping paper and that doesn't include my Christmas wrapping paper!! I know I may have a problem.  I currently use tape or rubber bands to hold the roll together once it is open, that works ok but not great, so I wanted to try this out. I have to say that this would work great for one size roll of wrapping paper so if you solely have one size of wrapping paper than this would work great for you.  It does not work on the small or large rolls and in all of my paper I actually did not have one that it worked on. Taking the time to save toilet paper tubes and then testing them on all of my tubes was a waste of time and not something I am interested in doing.  Now if you are a normal person who only has one or two or maybe five and they are all the same size then I think this would work great for you.  I am still giving it a pins down because of all my rolls it did not fit on any of them and I am not sure how long it would take you to find the right size for you wrapping paper and that does not seem very practical to me.

*- ease
*- practical


  1. I thought this was a total flop also. I found the toilet paper tubes weren't tight enough to hold anything!

  2. you could easily make a cut in the side of a tube to make it fit very large ones....or cut a strip of cardboard out and tape it back together for smaller ones...