Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dawn and Vinegar as a Cleaner

I am a self- proclaimed, obsessive cleaner.  I get excited about cleaning products, I know that is weird.  But nothing makes my life easier than a cleaning product that really works and if it is cheap, that is even better.  I have my favorite products, the ones I know will never let me down, the ones that make cleaning easier and fast and do not cost a fortune.  Being such an obsessive cleaner, let me tell you I have tried a lot of products out there and I continued to test them just in case there is something that may be better than my constants. My sister had a friend that sent this to her for me to try out.  I was curious to see just how well this would work and see if this could beat my favorites. I have to admit it did clean but it left a film on my counter that I had to wipe off a few times before it was gone.  It smelled horrible, I just did not like coming upstairs to a wall of vinegar smell and it took some time for it to wear off.  Also, a few days later I am still finding spots that are blue that I seemed to miss because it was clear when I sprayed it on.  Overall it took time to make it, it took longer to clean,  it did not smell well and it did not work better than my constants. It also did not cost, really, any less than products I already use.  If you are looking for GREEN products there are plenty out there that work really well without having to make them yourself. 

*- time
*- cost
*- practical


  1. I tried using this to clean the water spots off of our shower doors & was really let down, as well. It didn't rinse off well & once dried, looked just as spotty as it did before I 'cleaned' them.

  2. I cut down on the ratio of Blue Dawn as I think it's to much SOAP - with my 1/2 cup of dawn and balance of vinegar in a BIG spray Bottle I love this for no chemical solution