Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Q-tips and Toothpicks as Cleaning Tools

I love this typical household item.  I use it for everything, cars, stoves, microwaves, computers, keyboards, floors, bathrooms and everything else I can think of.  These are the perfect little detailers for every little job.  I use the q-tips to clean my keyboard, I use the toothpicks to get into the little cracks on my stove to get the stray food out.  I use the q-tips to get the dust out of my vents in the car, I use the toothpicks and q-tips to get into the little cracks on my washer and dryer.  I literally can use them for about anything.  Anytime I see a little crumb or spot that is hard to reach I go to my handy q-tip or toothpick.  I do have to say that the generic q-tips bend and fold a lot easier than name brand, which makes it harder to clean things when it keeps bending and folding. These work for so many things, I just keep a whole bunch of them in my cleaning bucket so I always have them on hand.

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