Monday, July 2, 2012

DVD/CD vs. the Banana Peel

So I have heard this many times.  You can clean scratches off of a DVD or CD with a banana peel or banana and I have never tried it.  Who doesn't have scratched DVD's or CD's, especially with little fingers in the home. And who does not have a banana lying around.  I have to say this worked wonders, all of the scratches are gone and the DVD/CD's work perfectly now.  The Wizard of Oz DVD we had always skipped at one place and now it does not skip anymore.  It was a little messy and I did have to wipe the DVD/CD off with a wet paper towel after rubbing it with a banana.  Also, always rub in a circular motion and not up and down or side to side.

DVD with prints and scratches all over it

After using the banana peel, look how good it looks 

So the results are PINS UP!!! not only is this cheap but this is time efficient and very effective. I will definately be using this anytime I have scratched DVD/CD's

*****- cost
*****-time spent
*****- effectiveness


  1. NO WAY!!!! I can't believe this works! Thanks!

  2. seriously I'm going to try this right now. Thanks!!!