Friday, July 6, 2012

Freshness of your eggs

 Check the freshness of your eggs with this simple trick.  This is sort of hard to tell in the picture but  you can tell in the first picture that the egg is tipping which means it is not as fresh and should be used soon and the bottom picture the egg is fully submerged which means it is fresh.  The egg in the top picture is from a pack I bought about 2 weeks ago and the bottom one is from the pack I bought yesterday.  This is great if you are not sure when your eggs expire or if it is a little bit after the expiration date.  It was really easy and took hardly any time at all.

*****- effectiveness
*****- time
*****- cost

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  1. Just a note because you didn't state this... if the egg floats, toss it! It's bad! :) I use this trick ALL THE TIME! I leave my 5 dozen pack of eggs on the counter because my fridge tends to freeze anything that's in the back of it. I check every egg I use before I use it. It's simple and fool-proof! :)