Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting rid of Water Stains on Wood with Mayo

 Water rings, I am not sure there are many people who do not have water rings on as least one of their pieces of their furniture.  I just always assumed they were permanent.  My kids always put their cups on our black desk when they are using the computer.  I looked at the directions for the first way to get rid of them with the hair dryer and did not want to sit with my hair dryer on the wood for twenty minutes, which it calls for.  So I thought I would try the mayo one first.  I put the mayo on the water ring and then left it for about twenty minutes and then came back and, as you can see in the last picture, it is GONE!  I figure if the mayo works why try the twenty minutes with the hair dryer but if the mayo did not work then I would try the hair dryer.

*****- effectiveness
*****- cost
*****- time
*****- practical

Original post for the mayo can be found here:

for the hair dryer:

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